Job Basket is an executive search Company with primary focus on search and recruitment of Topnotch professionals from Junior Level to Senior management level across industries and across the globe. Know More..
Job Basket gives you direct access to top-notch, fully-screened and ideally-qualified candidates in every industry and at every level. Know More..
We are a HR consulting firm that creates value for clients by delivering results,using experienced professionals and proven methods to produce superior operational performance. Know More..
We have a very simple business philosophy which is to serve both the clients and applicants honestly and efficiently at all times. Know More..
We Provides Enterprise Total Man- power Recruitment & Outsoursing Solutions as well as we gives right placement for the right Candidate. Know More..

Who we are

W e are a talent search/Management company headqua­tered in Bangalore,India. Following are our areas of main focus.
We are a team of dedicated proffessionals who are well experienced in the space of talent search and Manage­ ment.

Our Values


Executive search

Job Basket is well aware of the day to day challenges faced by organizations in recruiting and retaining talented professionals, this helps us understand the client's requirements and provide best services.


Recruitment is a critical & defining function for both the organizat on the job seeker. For the organization, it creates the acceleration for growth and for individualsit determines the quality of life.


For specific projects or assignments, the right talent is a must to drive performance and achieve desired results. As the lead time is too critical, organizations have to turn to a contingency work force to have access to professionals and experts.

Talent Transformation

We help you expand your network; and develop it as an extended community that can help you now and over time as part of a considered, strategic and evolving career plan.